• In "Unclassifiable," digital artist Andrés Reisinger presents a tactile odyssey through seven transformative years of his career. This 348-page hardcover is a symbiosis of form and emotion, echoing Reisinger's landmark works like 'Hortensia.' Collaboratively conceived with writers, curators, and philosophers, the book itself becomes an immersive art piece. Its layout and design mirror the meticulous detail and emotional resonance that define Reisinger's art.

    To have "Unclassifiable" is to gain access to the borderlands where art and design intersect, offering an intimate look into Reisinger's continual artistic exploration.

  • Unclassifiable, 2023
    348 pages
    over 100 illustrations
    English language
    Released in October 2023
    W 24 x L 31 x D 7.7 cm
    Textile hardcover with relief work
    ISBN: 9788409516384

    "Unclassifiable" pays tribute to the craft of high-end book creation. Assembled by hand through age-old methods, featuring hand-applied color plates on fine art paper, every page of this limited run reflects the artisan's distinct touch.

  • FOREWORD by Philosopher
    Florencio Noceti

    BIOGRAPHY by Writer
    David Plaisant